Pallets and rockets

The history of technological development during the 20th century and the trajectory of science fiction as an established literary genre during this timeframe are of great interest to me. The first being understood as a linear and, perhaps, accelerated trajectory of human evolution, and the second, as an appendage for the manifestation of all the hopes and dreams concerning it. The intersection where both of these meet is the dimension in which I intend to thrive, that which contains the fine line between illusion and delusion.

My projects are concerned with the reconciliation of impossibilities through the development of studies, or as I like to call them “conjectures”, composed of technical diagrams and prototypes. I deploy these conjectures as devices that through their technical improbabilities allow me to articulate and bring together seemingly disjointed concepts. For example, in 1988 Space Clasp- Wind Tunnel ( 2012), I travelled back to the place where I spent most of my childhood, located in mountainous jungle-surrounded area of Puerto Rico. From this location I decided to fire rockets filled with Mylar payloads. The Mylar would be ejected at altitude and I would lie ready to take pictures of it. As the Mylar drifted in the wind it assumed specific shapes in accordance to the aerodynamic forces it encountered. Once the source material was gathered I traveled to my studio in Chicago were I attempted to translate the ambiguous configurations of Mylar into tridimensional objects. These objects, or as I like to call them, Archetypes, were carved out of wood and placed within a wind tunnel in order to analyze its aerodynamic properties. It is thru these series of stages: documentation, translation and analysis that I attempted to reconstitute my identity within the context of a cargo cult practitioner, emulating models aeronautical and technological efficiency proper of the military industrial complex.